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I am Ifigeneia Paraskevopoulou, creator of The Coaching Psychology Hub, Country Leader of Points of You® Greece, certified Coach, Mental Health, Personal and Professional Development Consultant.

As a Coach with a degree in psychology and experience in counseling, I handle a wide range of issues, professional and personal, safely and effectively, which is very important when one "opens" issues of self-knowledge, self-confidence, personal development and evolution. At the same time, I include the necessary elements of psychoeducation in each collaboration. I train, support and assist in the development of human resources organizations, through speeches and private or in-house seminars and workshops, so that every executive and professional who works with me, flourishes, improves his performance and works with a sense of personal satisfaction.
In addition, I train professionals in the field of personal and professional development (Coaches, HR professionals, Psychologists, Therapists, Teachers, etc.) in new innovative techniques and methodologies.

I studied psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and hold a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management and European Industrial Relations from the University of Keele in Great Britain. I have specialized in Applied Counseling at the University of Ioannina and Coaching, at the Athens Coaching Institute, obtaining the Diploma in Evidence-based Coaching as well as in art therapy at the University of the Aegean.

I am constantly in search of improving and evolving on a personal, professional and business level and that's how I met Points of You® (tools, methodology and philosophy based on photography, mindfulness, Storytelling) and I fell in love with it at first sight. I am Points of You Expert and I continue!

My New Project? Drawing and Talking Greece ...


About Coaching Psychology Hub

My vision and passion is to inspire, to support you who want to solve your problems, to achieve your goals, to improve your performance, to live authentically. You who want to do what you love, to make changes in your life and work always according to your values, needs and desires.

I love the moments in a session or workshop when new perspectives open up and new findings, when mentalities change. My passion even after an adventurous business trip, my profession now, is to help people, corporate teams and organizations to discover and experience their best version.

I am enthusiastic and love to learn and share knowledge. I can be the catalyst for change and mobilization for those who work with me. I like to discover and create new things that inspire me and others. I dream without restrictions.

I continue to train and follow the developments in my fields and this gives me the guarantees and the appetite to be by your side every minute, responding to your need to live without fear and without restrictions. To live your life based on what you have dreamed of and to flourish.

I work with strictly selected, specialized professionals to offer you, at Coaching Psychology Hub, a range of high quality and efficiency services that will meet all your needs regarding your personal and professional development or the development of your company staff!